FOSI members agree to uphold the aims and objectives of the organisation, which are to:

  1. protect and restore the natural environment of North Stradbroke Island and its surrounding marine environment.
  2. preserve the full range of the habitats of the island’s native species including rare and endangered flora and fauna.
  3. provide information and education, and support for the carrying on of research, about the natural environment of the Island.
  4. advocate that urban, economic and social planning for the Island is founded upon the principles of environmental protection and preservation of the unique urban characteristics of its townships.
  5. ensure that national and marine parks are established on the Island and in its surrounding waters to protect and preserve the natural environment and that they are managed effectively to allow sustainable access by visitors.
  6. encourage cultural activities which are consistent with these objects.
  7. work cooperatively with the Traditional Owners of the Island where possible in pursuit of the Association’s objects.
  8. establish and maintain a public fund to be called the Friends of Stradbroke Island Environment Fund for the specific purpose of supporting the environmental objects and purposes of the Friends of Stradbroke Island Association Inc.