Return to paper newsletters

That’s right it’s back to the future for FOSI. We’ve decided to start printing our newsletters again and mailing them to members. That is because members told us the newsletters were getting lost in the email junk cramming their inboxes! So help us make the most of the return to paper by putting your copy of the newsletter where as many people as possible can read it and keep up to date with what is happening on our beautiful island! If your friends and family like what they see why not encourage them to become a member of FOSI?

The printed newsletters are black and white but that really doesn’t do justice to the lovely photos our dedicated members contribute. We recommend checking out the full colour PDF we will still email so you may see the photographs in all their glory!

If you aren’t currently receiving the newsletter by email and would like to, please send your email address to Edith McPhee at Thank you.

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