Plastic Peril

Rubbish in the bathing gorge after a storm

Every bit of plastic every human has ever used is still somewhere on the earth!

Plastics can only break down into smaller pieces as they are attacked by U.V. and buffeted by the sea. These ever-smaller particles can actually pick up and concentrate chemical pollutants such as mercury and pesticides.

Plastics in the ocean are mistaken for food by seabirds, fish and turtles causing suffocation, blockages and death.

Tiny particles, now bearing an extra dose of chemicals, are digested by sea creatures and enter the food chain with unknown consequences for humans. In the North Sea micro-plastics, a constituent of cosmetic “exfoliants”, have been discovered in the internal organs of fish caught for human consumption.

Please re-examine your use of plastics and look for alternatives. After all, only 50 years ago we had no choice but to use glass, cloth, hessian, paper, cardboard, wood , metal and cane baskets.

FOSI members are well-placed, as they amble along our beautiful beaches, to gather up this unsightly and dangerous pollution. This is not the ultimate solution but it is a good practice to make some difference.

Let’s make an effort!

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