Koala count – how you can help our furry friends!

Photo: Dick Marks Australian Koala Foundation

A study of North Stradbroke Island‟s koala population is underway and you can help! If you see a koala you can note down some vital details and send them to the study team.

Island resident Jan Aldenhoven is collecting information to send to the Redlands City Council and the State Government‟s endangered species unit.

“We hope to build a picture of the number of koalas on the island, their range and habitat, as we don‟t know what the local population is doing, if it is increasing or in decline,” Jan said.

When you see a koala note the following information and send it to jan@wildlifefilms.com.au or PO Box 255 Point Lookout.

  • Date and time of siting
  • Your name and contact details 
  • Koala’s location – Be as precise as possible, you can even include GPS coordinates 
  • Tree type – If you don‟t know the species note the exact tree so someone can identify it later. 
  • Sex – Males have a brown stain in the crease of their chest and sometimes testes can be seen. 
  • Maturity – Can be difficult to know. Whether the animal is small or large can be helpful. Also record a mother with young in her pouch. 
  • Condition. e.g. healthy, sick (red eyes, wet bottom, skinny), injured, dead. 
Report injured, dead or sick koalas to the local animal rescue team on 0407 766 052.

Kate Campbell

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