In brief (Dec 2009)

Illegal camping
People have been flouting the ban on camping on Deadman’s and Frenchman’s beaches and other areas of beach and reserve on the island.

Pig sty… rubbish left by campers on Deadman’s Beach. 
Campfire on Frenchman’s Beach during a total fire ban. 
While we understand the appeal of camping in these lovely places, the sheer number of island visitors means the environment does not have the chance to recover from the damage done by campers.

Illegal campers leave rubbish, human waste and toilet paper, trample vegetation and destroy trees. There is ample space for camping in island campgrounds.

Therefore, we urge the council to be vigilant in discouraging these campers and others to report them to island rangers on 1300 551 253.

Local emergency services are concerned that the lack of house numbers on island properties could one day lead to a tragedy.

The police, ambulance and emergency services have asked residents to display their street number in a prominent place to help officers find properties easily in case of an emergency.

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