Erosion at Amity and Point Lookout

Deadman’s Beach at its worst.

Early this year, with the wild weather, dramatic erosion occurred once again at Amity and Point Lookout. In January a large chunk of the Amity foreshore fell into the Rainbow Channel, causing a worrying time for residents, while at Point Lookout all beaches were left denuded of sand and with a number of the fringing casuarinas undermined and collapsed. Erosion does seem to be gaining in intensity and needs to be taken seriously by the powers that be.

Amity has a long history of drastic erosion with the settlement now 100 metres or so inland from where it was first established. On this occasion it was halted by the dumping of about 300 tonnes of rock along the shores. But there are varying views on the long–term prospects and possible remedies and concern about Council consideration of a “planned strategic retreat” strategy.

The Redland City Council is currently developing a Shoreline Erosion Management Plan for Amity. 
There is no such plan for the Point but Councillor Craig Ogilvie says:

“Council is doing some updated modelling on sea level rises and how that might impact on the coastline.”

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