Friends of Stradbroke Island

Established in 1988, the Friends of Stradbroke Island (FOSI) are a non-profit community group, dedicated to the protection of the delicate and unique environment of Minjerribah and its surrounding waters.

FOSI also works to ensure that urban and economic development of the island is founded upon the principles of environmental protection and preservation of the unique urban characteristics of its townships.

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Off Road Vehicle Campaign

Help us spread the word on reducing ORV traffic on North Stradbroke Islands beaches - online, through social media, or at local market stalls.

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About Us

FOSI's beginnings

In 1988, FOSI was formed to oppose inappropriate development at Cylinder Beach and members have been involved in efforts to preserve Cylinder Beach’s outstanding scenic coastal landscapes ever since.

The late Jani Haenke essentially founded Friends of Stradbroke Island in 1988, after the threatened construction of a concrete high-rise at Cylinder Beach on the site of Clayton’s cottages. Jani organised and funded the initial court case and after losses then successes the proposal was defeated.

Over the years Jani’s determination for FOSI to dispute other developments on this site led to further objections, court proceedings and negotiations with developers until the acceptably low-impact buildings we see now were completed. We can thank Jani that Cylinder is still unspoilt and bears such a contrast to other major beaches in South-East Queensland. These battles set a precedent for the limited tone of development that we have experienced at Point Lookout.

Jani, as secretary then vice-president, kept FOSI alive and active for many years. She interested people with suitable skills in joining the group and imbued them with her true conservationist principles.

Stradbroke Island

Minjerribah-Quandamooka Country

North Stradbroke Island–Minjerribah—its ancient sand hills created over the millennia by the action of waves and wind. Home to the Quandamooka People for more than 20,000 years—their long relationship with the island and its living world informing understanding, knowledge and traditional stories. In more recent times, scientists have also contributed to our understanding of the island.

Friends of Stradbroke Island

Meet our committee

Jenni has been coming to Straddie for holidays ever since moving to Brisbane in 1984. Being an ocean person and a keen sailor, Jenni feels a strong affinity with the Island and is passionate about protecting its unique biodiversity and landscapes.

Jenni is a science communicator who specialises in communicating about environmental science. She believes our actions to protect the ecology of places like Minjerribah need to be based on the best available knowledge and evidence. Her favourite place is Cylinder Beach, a special place of warm waters and shifting sands fringed by natural wetlands. This beach, like other places on the island, is being threatened by increased development, weeds, and cane toads.
Jenni Metcalfe
Mary Barram has been coming to Minjerribah for years. She is passionate about protecting the island’s ecology, its plants and animals. Walking and birding along the island’s bush tracks are her favourite island days.
Mary Barram
Michael Kennedy
Susan Hill

We welcome new members to FOSI

Put your passion for Stradbroke Island’s natural wonders to work. Join us at wildlife workshops, community art trails, and at local events to talk about Stradbroke’s current environmental issues.

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